Our Laser Profiler has been upgraded!

ROMDAS has always strived to be the best in the industry, offering low prices and high quality products that exceed expectations. We're keeping to that standard and introducing our new and improved Laser Profiler.

The new version is extremely light weight, weighing less than 3kgs. It will serve as a highly accurate, class 1, longitudinal profiler for measuring road roughness. As this unit so small and lightweight, it is extremely portable. The Laser has a unique ability to be calibrated on-site if required

Not only is this Laser portable, light-weight and cost effective, it also utilizes a three axis accelerometer. Traditional profilers usually use a single axis (vertical) accelerometer, meaning the ROMDAS Laser profiler is less susceptible to influence during cornering and will continue to give high accuracy data.

The ROMDAS Laser Profiler is designed with your needs in mind. Our laser can be purchased as a single (i.e. measure 1 wheel path) or dual laser setup (i.e. measure 2 wheel paths). ROMDAS is renowned for having customizable products that give you the power to choose exactly what type of data you want to collect. No need to unnecessarily exceed your budget.

New Lasers Features and Benefits:

  • Weighing Less than 3kgs - Extremely Portable
  • World Bank Class 1 Profiler
  • Modular option available
  • Uses 3 Axis accelerometer
  • Highly competitive pricing


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