New improvements made to our ROMDAS and DataView software

At ROMDAS, our aim is to offer a great user experience with our systems. In that spirit, we are excited to share the new improvements made to our ROMDAS system software and DataView software.

ROMDAS Software

This is the full installation version and you will not be required to update patches for this version. The latest ROMDAS software version (v2.6.2.0) is compatible with windows 10 for selected modules. It contains significant improvements and changes so please consult our technical department before upgrading your current system. You are welcome to login to the website and access the Software downloads page to see the full list of improvements and updates made

To have a seamless experience when using this software, we urge our customers to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional or later. Windows XP will no longer be supported.

DataView Software

We are also proud to announce the latest release of our DataView software. Including compatibility with the new ROMDAS v6.2.0, it also offers a new GPS co-ordinate converter with over 650 local datums available.

We hope you will enjoy this new ROMDAS software. We are happy to receive feedback and our technical experts are ready to assist our customers for a trouble free experience.

You can access the new versions on our Software downloads page. To access this page you will need to log in with your customer details. If you don’t have your customer login you can request one here.

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