New Generation Network Survey Vehicles Commissioned in Bhopal, India

L. N. Malviya Infra Projects Pvt Ltd are our latest customers in Bhopal, India. Our engineers are pleased to successfully help them equip the ROMDAS system on a brand new locally sourced Tata Winger vehicle to collect data in hot, dry and dusty conditions. DCL is proud to provide its first “new generation” network survey vehicle that complies with the latest NHAI specifications in India.

LNM now owns a sophisticated system configuration that includes 360° camera and mobile mapping software package, LCMS with Geometry and Roughness upgrades, GPS (sub-meter), HRDMI and a rack mounted computer system. This ROMDAS system was provided through our distributor partners in the country, Complete Instrumentation Solutions (CIS).

Our engineers installed the system and provided extensive training to the LNM team. LNM has previously used the much expensive LIDAR systems and are excited about the commissioning of their new NSV. They plan to use it for post-construction compliance testing on their many projects across India.

We would like to extend a very special thank you to the CIS team who supported our engineers through this process and to the LNM team for their hospitality during our visit.

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