New LCMS installed in Bangladesh

The team at the Roads & Highways Department (RHD) in Bangladesh have 21,131kms of roads within their network. To maintain & monitor a Network of this size, it’s important to manage your departments time efficiently and effectively. They decided to automate their current road surveying process so that they had more time and finance to invest in Forward Works Planning (FWP).

In order to accomplish this, they needed an Automatic Network Survey Vehicle to do the hard work for them.

After researching and seeking a system of such calibre, they found that ROMDAS was able to customise the right systems for their requirements. It contained a ROMDAS central system, with Laser Crack Measurement Scanner, Right Of Way Cameras, Geometry calculator, Laser Profilometers GPS/GNSS.

The 2 high definition scanning lasers (components of the LCMS) scan the pavements surface at normal traffic speeds, automatically detecting cracks, potholes, and many more pavement defects. We were able to further customise the ROMDAS DataView software to enable direct export/import of this data into their current RMMS software.

We manufactured their system in our factory (In New Zealand) where a group of engineers from RHD Bangladesh visited and undertook some ‘hands-on’ training in our local offices. They were able to see their survey vehicle and how the system was installed.

Once the system was completed, we exported the vehicle back to Bangladesh. Followed by a 2 week visit from one of our expert engineers to provide further on-site training to their team.

Thank you to the Roads & Highways Department of Bangladesh for your kind hospitality and to work together. Through ongoing support we hope help RHD achieve better and safer roads for the people of Bangladesh.

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