Dusting off equipment in East Timor

Recently one of our ROMDAS technicians enjoyed a week of performing system maintenance and training on a long-running system in East Timor. The system included a ROMDAS system with Bump Integrator (BI), GPS Receiver and a ROMDAS Z250 used for BI Calibration. The initial inspection found the system to be performing very well, despite having been permanently mounted on the vehicle for 4 years and continuously used on very rough roads.

The training was very successful and consisted of both classroom and practical exercises. The World Bank PMU team utilizing the system plan to use it to perform post-construction surveys on a number of newly constructed roads across East Timor. A special thanks to Dan Lizardo, Francesco Bafaro and the other engineers who assisted during the servicing and training of the equipment.

We understand that in some countries it is hard to maintain experienced survey operators and this can impact on the quality of data being collected, especially if there are long gaps between survey projects. Therefore if you need some retraining on how to use, maintain or install your ROMDAS equipment we are always available to help.

Contact us today if you would like to ask about the possibility of an onsite visit by a ROMDAS technician.

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