ROMDAS System Now iRAP Accredited

The International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) is a registered charity dedicated to reducing the more than 3,500 road deaths that occur every day worldwide* through the development of safer road strategies.

iRAP safety inspections are the first step towards identifying the most effective strategies for improving driver and pedestrian safety. Inspections involve using specially equipped vehicles, software and trained personnel to record more than 50 different attributes known to contribute to the likelihood and severity of accidents.

Coding interface for iRAP in ROMDAS DataView

Attributes include intersection design, number of lanes and markings, roadside hazards, footpaths and bicycle facilities. Road inspection data is then used by iRAP to calculate a road’s Star Safety Ratings and development of Safer Roads Investment Plans (SRIP). The rewards for this process are both economic and social, through the efficient improvement of infrastructure and in turn the quality of life for everyday people around the world.

We at ROMDAS are dedicated to supporting this initiative and helping develop functional and safe road networks globally. Thanks to our close coordination with iRAP, we are now extremely proud to announce ROMDAS as one of the few accredited suppliers of approved inspection systems. Utilising a ROMDAS system with video logging cameras and our DataView office coding software, customers can now fast-track their own accreditation as a service provider for iRAP projects.

ROMDAS systems are cost effective and scalable to cater for any sized iRAP project. ROMDAS also offers the added advantage of being able to collect iRAP and pavement condition data simultaneously. This reduces the cost when performing iRAP inspections, as compliant videos can be collected while conducting routine condition surveys. Existing ROMDAS customers can even retroactively perform iRAP coding on historical videos collected using a ROMDAS system, eliminating the cost of conducting dedicated iRAP surveys all together.

We see this initiative as extremely important and we hope to play our role in helping governments make informed decisions on road safety, reducing the likelihood of death and/or serious injury to road users worldwide.

* - About iRAP - List of accredited suppliers

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